Ful is simply the most common traditional Egyptian breakfast. It is an imperative dish at every house and at all local shops. It is made of Fava beans that are cooked for a long time in a special slow cooker “Qidra” to make it soft. Food is still cooked and served in this traditional way all over the streets of Cairo. It is served in street carts around the country. Ful is commonly eaten as a dish with eggs, cheese, pita bread and the so popular ta’meya (Egyptian Falafel). It can also just be an easy, quick breakfast made into a sandwich. The beans are packed with essential nutrients such as carbohydrates and iron and they’re low in saturated fats.


Koshari is another very popular traditional Egyptian food. It is so popular in Egypt, that it is served on the streets in carts and at restaurants. It is a mixture of rice, macaroni, lentils and chickpeas. It is topped with caramelized onion and is served with a strong flavouring sauce of garlic and vinegar. It is also served with a thick spicy tomato sauce. What is amazing is how Koshari is served in layers, with scoops from each ingredient that is put together in the final dish. It is a total carb bomb. watch out!


Konafa is the jewel of the Egyptian sweets, it is made of shredded konafa pastry, then it is filled with nuts or cream, it is then baked and finally topped with syrup before serving. Konafa is a very famous dessert during the month of Ramadan, it will be available at every home. There are many other versions of Konafa, this year we will be serving you Konafa with Mango. it’s an absolute must-try.. with amazing layers of colours, cream and topped with syrup.


Shawarma is such a popular street food that you’ve probably tried it before. Originally it comes from the famous Greek gyros, but of course, the Egyptians put their twist on it. Shawarma is made up of a choice of either chicken or beef marinated with Middle Eastern spices and cooks all day on the spit with a fat-melting on top. The meat is shaved off and put into a wrap where it’s wrapped to perfection. Typically, as Egyptian food, it is served with tahini and the chicken served with Tomoya (garlic sauce). It’s a quick meal but a healthier alternative to fast food and it won’t put a dent in your pocket.