Here is more information about our STAR Mohamed El Sayed


He was born in Cairo on November 23, 1979. Ever since his childhood, he took part in the dance and music program in his school in Cairo. Music and dance were his preferred activities both while in Cairo and after moving to Spain. In 1995, he began his formal performance and dance studies under the mentorship of the great teacher Shokry Mohamed, who had a great impact on El Sayed's dance and oriental music career. (Shokry Mohamed, an Egyptian pioneer in oriental dance in Spain, had a studio where he taught and choreographed oriental performances in Spain. He also authored several books on the topic). In Cairo, El Sayed continued with his Sufí learning in the Tannura School of the Mosque of the Sultan the Gurí, with the great teacher Bondok El Asmar. While studying percussion, it is necessary to emphasize the role of Khamis Henkesh besides Shokry Mohamed. Henkesh is a world-renowned drummer recognized by his work and his great discography.

As a fruit of the tour "From Cairo to Baghdad" (December 2005) there arose two productions, a CD and DVD of the tour itself, where Mohamed takes part as a musician and dancer. Additionally, Mohamed El Sayed has recently published together with his mentor, Khamis, an instructional CD, "Darbukka. Learn the Arabic Rhythm" and a music CD "Aeini A-leek". He also collaborated with Elena Juez (of AprendeDanzaOriental.com), to found a record company, Orientarte Records, and in 2005, an Oriental dance group, Hanin, with which nowadays he performs all over Spain. Today, El Sayed, has shown versatility in performance as a dancer and percussionist solo or accompanied by great dancers like Shokry Mohamed, Mahmoud Reda, Raqia Hassan, Khamis Khenkesh from Egypt, and Nesma, Nur Banu, Eve Chacón from Spain. He has performed in numerous countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, and France; in small and large pubs, theatres, and even before the Royal Family of Morocco.

One of his latest works that stand out was his participation as Selim, in the Opera "Die Entführung aus dem Serail" of Wolfgang A. Mozart in the Royal Theatre of Madrid. In his recent tour (from October to January) of Latin America (Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina), he took part in numerous performances and led workshops on dance and percussion. More recently, he went on a tour in Spain (Marbella, Madrid, Barcelona, Castellon and Valencia), and performed in the show "Aeini A-leek" together with the Egyptian singer Sabri Taghian, and other invited dancers, where he performed the discs that he worked on together with Henkesh. On March 28, 2019, World Music presented to the public his record company in the event in Madrid, together with other ethnic artists Crazy Nights Festival